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With Agnes Ogundiran

Learn the secrets of producing the perfect cupcake!

Hello Cupcake Workshop with Agnes Ogundiran

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About this course (approx 50 mins viewing time)

Hello, I’m Agnes. Have you ever wondered how to bake a perfectly even cupcake? Or how to produce a piped rose finish? At the end of this workshop you know the secrets of producing the perfect cupcake, so roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Aimed at complete beginners, in this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Prepare the basic vanilla cupcake mixture
  • Bake a perfect cupcake, every time!
  • Prepare an indulgent frosting
  • Finish your cupcakes with three easy but impressive decorative techniques

Whether you’re a confident baker or a novice, I’m confident that you will see and learn lots of handy tips and tricks that will improve your baking skills.

This workshop also includes an information pack for you to download - you'll find a list of essential tools and materials, any patterns or diagrams needed, an overview of the projects chapter-by-chapter and further suggested reading.


Some examples of what you're going to be making

About your instructor

Agnes Ogundiran is an award winning cake designer and owner of ‘Sweet Philosophy’ cakes based in Suffolk.

‘My love for baking is home grown, as a child I baked with my mother, who owned her own bakery that’s where my love affair with baking started. I think baking is an art but it’s accessible to everyone who really wants to learn. There’s something truly beautiful about lovingly baking treats with or for friends and family.’


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