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With Melanie Blaikie

Learn how easy it is to design and make real silver jewellery at home with silver clay


Silver Clay Workshop with Melanie Blaikie


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About this course (approx one hour viewing time)

Hello, I’m Melanie Blaikie. I’ve always loved making things and for most of my career I’ve been involved in the world of precious gems and jewellery. There is something very satisfying about creating a tiny work of art that you can wear.

Aimed at complete beginners I’ve designed this class to introduce you to an amazing new art material called Silver Clay – real silver but in a soft, pliable form that can be easily worked with just a few basic tools. Whether you want to create your own individual jewellery designs to sell, to make special gifts for family and friends or just make up a unique piece for yourself, I’m sure that once you get started with Silver Clay, all of these and many more possibilities will be within your reach.

This class will take you step-by-step through the six important stages of working with silver clay.

  • Planning your design
  • Shaping and decorating the clay at the ‘wet’ stage
  • Drying the clay
  • Refining at the dry stage
  • Firing
  • Polishing and finishing

Even if you are a complete beginner by working with me through these stages you will soon feel confident to be creating real silver jewellery at home!

All I Made It! workshops include an information pack for you to download - you'll find a list of essential tools and materilas, any patterns or diagrams needed, an overview of the project chapter-by-chapter, further suggested reading and info on where you can meet me for a live lesson. You will lso be able to email me directly with any questions so you never need to worry about getting stuck on a project - just email me!


Some examples of what you're going to be making

About your instructor

Melanie is an experienced craft instructor, who has been delighting students attending her workshops, since 2003. Her number one rule is ‘Keep it simple’, so each project is accompanied by straightforward information and clear step-by-step demonstrations, plus invaluable tips and tricks of
the trade that are easy to follow at home.

Now an established tutor regularly teaching around the UK, Melanie is also the author of ‘Silver Clay Workshop ‘ a complete guide to getting started with silver clay jewellery’, the perfect accompaniment to this class! 


Jewellery Reviews

5.00 STARS
Reviewed by Christine: You are taken through the course - chapter by chapter, slowly building your knowledge. Information is ...
- melanie
2015-03-23 12:39:59
5.00 STARS
I have just re-watched your Workshop and how useful that was! I have been working with polymer clay since ...
- melanie
2015-03-23 11:56:14
5.00 STARS
It's a five star rating. I really liked the way that Melanie told me how to make three little ...
- Helen
2013-12-26 21:17:14
5.00 STARS
as a beginner to this new craft, I found the instructions to be very clear and precise, a joy to ...
- Busy Bee
2013-11-24 17:47:25