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With Clare John

Learn how easy it is to design and make resin jewellery at home.


Resin Jewellery with Clare John


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About this course (approx 1 hour  30 mins viewing time)

Hi ! I am Clare John and I trained as a silversmith many years ago. While at Art College I started using resin with my silver work and I fell in love with the colours I could add to my work. I am going to show you how wonderfully versatile resin can be. You can change the colour with rich resin pigments, you can embed personal photographs or pictures and you can add everyday craft materials such as mica powders. You can make professional looking jewellery with the minimum of equipment that won’t break the bank.
Aimed at complete beginners, I’ve designed this workshop to introduce you to the amazing world of resin jewellery. Whether you want to create individual jewellery designs to sell, make personalised gifts for family and friends or just make a unique piece for yourself, I’m sure that once you discover resin, all of these and many more possibilities will be within your reach.
In this class, we’ll learn;

  • The basic process for all resin designs: mixing the correct proportions, setting up your jewellery blanks ready to add the resin, curing and finishing with a crystal clear ‘doming’ layer.
  • Adding mica powder to create soft shimmering colours for a lovely pair of earrings.
  • Create a gorgeous statement ring adding glass beads and micro beads to resin.
  • How to embed photos or personal mementos into clear resin.
  • Adding gilding flakes and glitter dust for extra impact!
  • Creating rich enamel-like colours by adding pigment.
  • Four easy to re-create projects suitable for beginners.

Even if you are completely new to working with resin, by working with me through these projects you will soon feel confident to start creating your own resin jewellery designs at home.
All I Made It! workshops include an information pack for you to download – you’ll find a list of essential tools and materials, any patterns or diagrams needed, an overview of the project chapter by chapter, further suggestions for reading and info on where you can meet me for a live lesson. You will also be able to email me directly with any questions so you never need to worry about getting stuck on a project – just email me!


Some examples of what you're going to be making

About your instructor

Clare John has been making jewellery since graduating from a silversmithing course at Middlesex University in 1976. She has a love of adding colour to silver jewellery and resin is perfect for this. Clare has been teaching classes in using resin for over ten years and loves to see the excitement and enthusiasm that students bring to the craft. She writes projects and articles for numerous craft magazines and has recently published a book of Resin Projects.

Resin is perfect for all levels of makers. Clare has taught beginners and very experienced jewellers. At the end of a workshop, each learner will have made at least 4 pieces of jewellery.
Clare spends a lot of time experimenting and developing new ways of using resin ‘I make lots of mistakes so that my students don’t have to make them’.

Read more at: www.resin8.co.uk

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